To fix leaks in a plane’s fuel tank, you must observe the issue thoroughly, determine the type of gas tank system which you have, thoroughly examine the gas tank, take away the tank if the issue lies there, fix the fuel tank according to its style, and place the fixed gas tank back again.

Leaks in aircraft fuel tanks are dangerous problems and should be fixed instantly. The following are primary techniques that Boston air charter technicians perform for this kind of type of issue:

Examine issue thoroughly

There are many probable causes behind a gas tank that is leaking. The issue should be thoroughly identified first so that you can create an efficient solution. Note any important information you witness during inspection of the tank and also the leak.

Determine the type of gas tank model you have

You can refer to the airplane’s repair manual to learn important information about the type of gas tank model you have. Essentially there are three models of gas tanks: the integral fuel tank, the fuel cell type, and the built up type.

Carefully scrutinize the gas tank

Study the servicing manual to learn which sections you may eliminate in order to access the fuel tank. Inspect the base section of the panel during removal. You must observe if there is a fuel smell present or in case the panel is wet. Check all connections and clamps to make sure that they’re fixed properly and securely.

Remove the tank if the problem lies within it

In case you are confident that the leak comes from the gas tank and not a loose connection, you should determine if you could take away the gas tank. The manual can give you information on the elimination process. If the gas tank is of the integral type then it can’t be removed because it’s made directly into the aircraft. Fuel cell types can be removed by loosening each and every connection, and built up types could be removed by eliminating particular panels. Typically, the plane needs to be defueled before the gas tank is taken out.

Fix the gas tank according to its type

Evaluate the plane’s guide to determine the particular techniques and components essential for making maintenance on the fuel tank. Fixing integral type fuel tanks generally includes sealing the leaky rivets or seams. The maintenance for fuel cells as well as built up gas tanks must be made right after leak checking utilizing air pressure. The gas tank lines need to be capped. While doing this, use your hand to cover the filler opening and the gas tank should be depressurized. A water and soap combination could be employed to trace leaks since bubbles will form if leakages are present. In case you have identified where the leak is, you can either do the field repair by yourself or send out the faulty gas tank to a certified mechanic shop. To fix built up tanks, you need to eliminate the sealant surrounding the leak and replace it per the manufacturer’s directions.

Install the fixed fuel tank back again

Certain instructions for the reinstallation of fuel tanks are available in the airplane manual. Torque the cable connections based on the instructions. The airplane can then be refueled and examined for any big leakages. Since little leaks might not be quickly seen, you may need to wait approximately 24 hours before installing the remaining access panels.

You might want to consult or hire a specialist to fix fuel tank leaks that are caused by more complex problems.