Authentic Jerseys autographed by Tim Tebow range from as low as $60 to as high as almost $1,000 in the market today. Its price vary as determined by the one who authenticity and also by the seller of the jerseys.

If you try to look at authentic jerseys signed by Tim Tebow of Florida Gators, you will find that prices vary from different sources. Here are the factors by which their prices are determined:

Authenticity of the jerseys

You will find that some authentic jerseys for sale are without certificates of authenticity or COA. These come out cheaper but do not guarantee you the authenticity of the signature. They could be really fake or are personally autographed by Tim Tebow, but were not submitted for an authenticity test. These autographed Tim Tebow jerseys range from $60 to around $200.

Those with COA are priced higher, ranging from $399 to $800, depending on who the authenticator is. The more credible the authenticator, the higher the price of your authentic Tim Tebow jersey. Popular authenticators include Global Authority, Inc. (GAI) and Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA).

Seller of the jersey

Another factor that determines the price of an authentic jersey singed by Tim Tebow is the seller of the jersey. Prices are set higher with more credible sellers. Despite the high price, people still opt to buy from them because of the guaranteed authenticity of the autograph., for example, who has very good reputation in the market for more than 10 years, sells this jersey for almost $1,000. Others price them between $350 to $800.

EBay is also where buyers canvass for authentic jerseys signed by Tim Tebow. Some sellers on Ebay tend to overprice because of the fees they need to pay, while others do so to sound genuine. There are sellers, however, who price their items just right and are honest in presenting their product. Prices on EBay range from $150 to 750.

If you intend to give this jersey as a gift, it is sure to be a satisfying present. If you are big fan of the Florida Gators and of Tim Tebow, you better get that Gator gear for yourself. Whatever the price it