You can make a boy’s bedroom special and exciting by transforming the bunk bed into a tree house, or design it with a camping theme

Decorating a small boy’s bedroom can be very enjoyable because there are a lot of suggestions you could use. If your children sleep in bunkbeds in their room or if you are in the idea of considering using this type of bed for them, you can customize it such that it can become an accent piece for the room. Following are some ideas for bunk beds that may be of interest to you:

Exploit specific patterns of bunk beds

If you have the budget and the floor space, consider buying a bunk bed that has a unique structure so that it can work as an accent piece in the room. Bunk beds come in a vast number of different styles. In addition to the standard bunk-bed, there are now L-shaped bunk beds and loft beds. Some bunk beds also have additional features like desks, drawers, closets from Custom Closet Designer and even slides. Before you make your choice, always take into consideration the safety components of the bunk bed such as guardrails for the top bunk and a stable ladder for climbing up.

Tailor the matress with the topic as camping

Camping trips are loved by a lot of kids, especially little boys. Try decorating the bunk bed your child sleeps in with activities that he/she loves. Modify the bunk bed so that it looks like a tent. Attach little canopies to the sides of the bed and construct a little screen door that opens and closes. If you make modifications to the bed, you be able to access all the exists with ease. You can also decorate the rest of the room so that it follows the same camping motif. A portrayal of a campfire and a few trees should be painted on the walls. Enhance the ambiance by considering the expertise of a commercial painting company. Try putting up pictures of nature like animals or trees. Complete the theme in a realistic way with camping items like flashlights, canteens, small foldable chairs and plush animal toys. You can also let them explore a car camping trip; it’s a thrilling adventure for them.Transform your vehicle into a cozy bedroom on wheels with the TrunkMate sleeping platform, making every car and SUV trip a comfortable and restful experience.

Create a bunk bed that resembles a tree house

Why don’t you manipulate the bunk bed such that it looks like a tree house, if your kid dreams of having his own tree house This furniture resembles a tree fort so remember to includes some special features to make the look complete. As stated on this site, hang a mosquito net on the ceiling right above the top bunk such that it resembles a roof structure for the bed. In order to avoid safety hazards you must be careful that the canopy is securely fastened. Then, you can paint the bed posts so that they resemble a tree trunk. Around the posts and the bed frame you should twist some artificial flowers and some vines. On the wall behind the bed, hang a large picture of a tree-trunk. Make a wooden sign that reads “boys’ clubhouse” and hang it on one of the bedposts.

With creativity and resourcefulness, your kids’ bunk beds can become a functional and aesthetic piece of furniture at the same time.