Should you want to explore Tangier Island, you must decide on whether or not you want to fly with a little aircraft or take a vessel ride to the destination, head out exploring, discover the unique local accent, grab some mementos, visit the several museums on the isle, schedule to go on a tour, and relish the island delicacies.

Tangier Island located in Virginia was initially found by the legendary Western explorer John Smith. The island is recognized for being tranquil and peaceful, and this environment is further more emphasized by the soothing wind coming from the Chesapeake Bay. In addition to the natural scenery of the isle, there are several other fun activities that you can do while touring. Here’s what you must do on your visit to Tangier Island, Virginia:

Decide on whether you want to fly using a little aircraft or have a watercraft ride to the isle

To arrive at Tangier Island, guest visitors and holiday-makers have an option between flying on a small airplane or riding on a watercraft right from either Reedville, Virginia or perhaps Crisfield, Maryland. If you ever have a boat, you could also make arrangements for docking at James Park Marina. There you can choose to stay overnight at Apartment Tangier or just a few hours. If you want to reach the destination by airplane, you will be arriving at Tangier Island’s airfield.

Go exploring

If you’re in the mood for exploring, the island won’t disappoint you. You could go on a relaxing walk on your own and savor the solace. Additionally, there are bicycles as well as golf carts available, which are considered the region’s most common method of land transportation. You can get bikes for rent at the Waterfront Cafe whereas the Sunset Inn Bed and Breakfast has golf buggies.

Encounter the unique native accent

The local accent of the islanders is one thing you should not miss out on while you’re on Tangier Island. This local tongue is said to be connected to Elizabethan English, which was the verbal language of the original dwellers on the island.

Buy mementos

The island has several gift stores where you can purchase trinkets and small gifts that will remind you of your vacation. Native kids are also observed to peddle Christmas decorations created from seashells.

Check out the different museums on the region

You can learn the region’s history and immerse yourself in a more intense knowledge of island culture by visiting the Tangier Island Museum & Interpretative Cultural Center. You can also find smaller galleries and museums in the vicinity of the local Sandy’s Gift Shop as well as Wanda’s Gift Shop.

Prepare to take a tour

There are various excursions that you can go on while visiting Tangier Island. If you’re interested in animals, you can take an eco-trip. For a little something a lot more tranquil and also romantic, you could participate in a sunset expedition. Various other tours and adventures offered consist of buggy tours and crabbing trips.

Relish the isle delicacies

Your visit to Tangier Island definitely will be incomplete without enjoying the native dishes. There are several local restaurants that you can try. Tangier Island prides itself to be the soft shell metropolis of the planet so be sure you include soft shell crabs on your food selection.

Make the most from your vacation to Tangier Island simply by arranging your trip and also itineraries ahead of time. You should also find out much as you can about the destination so you can be more prepared.