Argan oil comes from the argan tree, which originated in Morocco and continues to be made there. Argan oil contains the necessary elements which keep your hair beautiful and healthy. Aside from benefits for your hair, argan oil has also several benefits for skin and nails.

Argan oil is now favorite among hair specialists, but most individuals don’t know exactly why. What actually is argan oil and what does it do to hair? These are some intriguing information regarding Argan oil and how it keeps your hair gorgeous and healthy:

The source of argan oil

Hair argan oil is derived from the kernels of the argan fruit tree that’s unique to Morocco. Women in Morocco, especially the Berber women, are liable for the time consuming process of taking out the oil. They depulp the argan fruits and grind them by using water to make the oil. The ladies of Morocco have been applying argan oil for different applications such as hair oil, however ladies throughout the planet are enjoying its many advantages, thanks to the numerous worldwide corporations who supported the business creation of argan oil, and also UNESCO and Moroccan government, which help protect and control the utilization of the argan tree.

The necessary ingredients of argan oil

Argan oil is made up of unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E in the form of tocopherols, carotenes, phenolic acid, and phenol. Its fatty acid content does not only keep hair glossy, but it also locks in moisture keeping hair revitalized and protected from harmful external components, including heat and chemicals. The unsaturated fats, such as Omega 9 and Omega 3, provide nourishment to the hair from the roots to the tips, keeping hair strong and helping address split-end issues. When rubbed onto the scalp, argan oil may also effectively handle dry scalp and dandruff problems. Furthermore, the Vitamin E content of argan oil also helps accelerate the healing of dry and frail hair, making your hair stronger and more lively. Hair colors utilized on hair is also enhanced with the use of argan essential oil.

The benefits of argan essential oil for nails and skin

The miracles of argan oil aren’t limited to your hair alone. Your nails, like your hair, also benefit from this particular wonder oil by keeping them strong. The Vitamin E and the fatty acid content or argan essential oil aid treat fragile nails. Their strength is also managed with regular use of argan essential oil.

Argan essential oil also keeps your skin more healthy. Its essential fatty acids help to keep skin nourished and moisturized without a oily feeling. The vitamin e antioxidant content helps in the treatment of scars, and also stretch-marks and other skin spots. Using argan essential oil, you could also end the early signs and symptoms of aging by keeping your skin protected from the heat of the sun, as well as other dangerous external aspects. Argan essential oil is also being used as an ingredient in various cosmetics to help keep your skin beautiful, healthy, and protected.

The advantages and applications of argan oil are many and really extraordinary. It’s no wonder that it is alternately called a miracle oil and liquid gold, or that it has reached all over the world from the Berber women in Morocco.