Nasi Lemak 2.0 Gala Premiere

These are the cast of the movie:

Name Wee
NameWee as Hero Huang(黄大侠)

Karen Kong
Karen Kong as Xiao K(小K)

Dennis Lau
Dennis Lau as Lan Qiao(蓝桥), The Villian

Adibah Noor
Adibah Noor as The Nasi Lemak/Taichi Master

Kenny & Chee
Kenny & Chee as Baba & Nyonya (The Rendang Masters)

Datuk David Arrumugam
Datuk David Arrumugam(Alley Cats) as The Curry Master

Curry Master's Daughter
Curry Master’s Daughter!!!

Adflin Shauki & Resh Monu
Adflin Shauki as the Fisherman(Retired Businessman) and Resh Monu as Han Tu Ya(The Ice Cream Man)

Fisherman's Wives
Fisherman’s Wives

Hero Huang's Sifu
Hero Huang’s Sifu

Xiao K's Grandma
Xiao K’s Grandma

Xiao K's Aunt and Dad
Xiao K’s ☚Aunt and Dad☛

Patrick Teoh
You may see Patrick Teoh’s and the rest names in the picture.
Their names are resembling UAmno, MCAeh and MIeyeC

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