4 Distinctive Factors between an MICR Toner and a Laser Toner

Composition, usage, price, and what printers to use are the distinctive factors that make an MICR toner different from an ordinary laser toner. Toners have become a very useful tool when it comes to printing any type of printouts. Basically, Read More

3 Primary Reasons Why You Cannot Use a Regular Merchant Account for Internet Processing

The reasons why you cannot use a regular merchant account for Internet payment card processing are because regular merchant accounts are not approved for web transactions;

4 Essential Factors that Make Up a Good Web Page

Now that more people are using the Internet, establishing your own web page is one of the best marketing strategies for businesses to gain reputation, popularity, to build trust with customers, and to advertise their products.

ImTOO DVD Ripper

I often see people who have bought DVDs, wanted to keep a softcopy of the movies from the DVD in their PC, saved as AVI files or mpeg4 files. Some people however, they wanted to rip the DVD into avi Read More