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WTF!? Not Syok Ar? Bite Me Lar!

This is not a diary! And for those who think blog is a diary, why you write your diary and put it on the web? So stupid!


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Nothing special about this blog, it is just a geek blog. Not really geek anyway, as I consider myself is a noob.
My nickname on most other website is garfieldwtf.
And as you know, I am a public enemy. I pissed off a lot people and I am very annoying.

I am also a Cisco network devices user. A very good product and can earn a lot from it.

If the contents of this blog is useful for you, then I hope that you will spread it to those people who also need them.

I personally don’t think that those articles that I write is very very useful for you, but hope that someone will able to get benefit from them, especially those articles on the “Computer Stuff” category.

To contact me, my email is admin[at]garfield.in

I know some people wanted to email me and fuck me off, so here is the email address.

Kiss My Ass!

By the way, everything that is written here is copyrighted, so do not just simple copy and paste without giving credits back to me, link back to this blog if u copied any parts of my articles. Read the copyrights detail at the logo at below.

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WTF!? Not Syok Ar? Bite Me Lar!
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