Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia Ke-58


Seperti apa yang saya buat pada setiap Hari Kemerdekaan yang sebelum ini(walaupun dah berhenti sejak 2010), saya akan tulis artikel mengenai pandangan saya terhadap Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia tahun ini.

Anda mungkin tanya, kenapa blog yang sebelum ini hanya tulis dalam Bahasa Ingeris, sekarang tulis artikel ni dalam Bahasa Malaysia?
Hari ini Hari Kebangsaan Malaysia, tentulah aku cuba nak lagak patriotik sikit, guna bahasa kebangsaan dalam artikel ini!

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Stylish Health Shoes from Medifeet

I can never understand my wife. Especially when it comes to shopping. She have this obsession on buying new clothes, shoes and her greatest weakness, colourful shawls. She have loads of them at home and I swear to God that no matter how many she bought, I only see her wearing a few of her favourites.

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Run Stroller Run 2015

I’m a System Engineer and most of the time my work is indoors and facing the servers and PC. Not very healthy, right? I know, but I rarely have time to exercise due to time restriction. And plus, it is kinda boring if doing alone. Anyway, I stumble upon something that looks quite fun; Run Stroller Run.

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