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Seek for people nearby to chat using WeChat!

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I believe most of you already been heard about what is WeChat.
Like a lot other smartphone social apps, WeChat is also another social networking app where rich with features.


WeChat had recently hosted an event in Malaysia, at Zouk. The picture above is the group photo that day. But anyway, I will write more about this app detail and its features. And also, if you want to follow up with WeChat’s update, you can actually “Like” their Facebook page at so that you can get prompted with their latest updates.

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Comment System In My Blog


Several friends of mine, notably some blogger friend of mine, were complaining that they are unable to post their comment in my blog. When I asked them into detail, they told me that when they trying to post comment, this blog asked them to login, while they do not have an account in this blog. Some of them even tried to register for an account in this blog to post comments, but I had disabled the registration mechanism for this blog.

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