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WTF!? Not Syok Ar? Bite Me Lar!

This is not a diary! And for those who think blog is a diary, why you write your diary and put it on the web? So stupid!

Difference Between Windows Sysadmin vs Linux/BSD Sysadmin

Win vs Lin

In this post, I am not going to write too much.
I am just going to show some examples according to the reality, based on the requirement need by Windows 2008 R2 and latest versions of Linux/BSD distros.

The mission: Deploy a webserver to host PHP, MySQL, Apache/IIS. To host 10 WordPress websites which will be accepting 1000 unique visit a day each. Total will be accepting 5000+ unique visit and more than at least 20k pageloads a day.

Server Specifications:
Core2Quad Q8200 Quad Core 2.33Ghz
1333FSB (4MB Cache)
250GB SATA Hard Disk
4TB Monthly Bandwidth
5 IP Addresses
100mbps port
Price and specs according to dedicated server plan 4 at http://cs-squad.net/whmcs-2/?ccce=cart&a=add&pid=17

What Windows Sysadmin will say:
Are you nuts!?
It is just barely enough to just for the Windows 2008 R2 alone!
And you want to use it to host IIS, MySQL and PHP huh!?
And to host 10 websites!?
Are you out of your mind!?

What Linux Sysadmin will say:
Hmm… 2GB of RAM… Just the right amount of RAM to host 10 WordPress websites.
I just need to yum/apt-get what I need, and viola! Jobs done!
Will these 10 websites going to need innodb?
If innodb is not required, perhaps I am going to disable innodb in the mysql.ini and host several more websites in this server.

What BSD Sysadmin will say:
I believe, 2GB RAM will be more than enough for 10 WordPress websites.
As long as everything compiled nicely, I don’t think I need to worry about the server anymore, unless there are hardware issues or there is any patch to update.

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Steve Jobs Is Suffering From Pancreatic Cancer

Steve Jobs 1984

Full Name: Steve Paul Jobs
Date of Birth: 24th Feb 1955
Place of Birth: San Francisco
Founded Apple At 1976

Steve Jobs iPhone 4

As you all have known, Steve Jobs has resigned as the CEO of Apple.
But he will stay on as the Chairman of Apple’s Board of Directors.
Tim Cook had been selected as his successor by himself.

When the news was release to the public, Apple’s share had immediately drop 7% at the same day.
Most people, notably iPhone users, are concerning about will there be anymore newer model of iPhone or not after Steve Jobs resigned.
I say, these i-tards are all stupid!
iPhone was Steve Jobs idea, but it doesn’t mean that if he quit, there will be no more iPhone! Tim Cook is capable enough to succeed Steve’s plan and will continue to bring brighter future to Apple. Unlike Steve Balmer who succeeded Microsoft from Bill Gates, Steve Balmer was known as a clown, even long before Bill Gates announced his resignation.

Unlike most i-tards, who only concern about iPhone, I am more concern about this IT pioneer’s health condition. At first people thought it was just a rumor, but after some investigation and verification from several trustworthy sources, it has been confirmed that Steve Jobs had suffered from Pancreatic Cancer since year 2003.
News Source: Bloomberg

The picture below, was taken after the day he tendered his resignation letter.
We can see it clearly his health condition is already very bad currently.

Steve Jobs Sick

The current picture of Steve Jobs

Losing an IT pioneer like Steve, is a great lost to the IT world.
Although I am not an Apple product’s fan, but I do admit that Apple had did a very good job under the administration of Steve Jobs. Well, the first ever desktop computer with GUI, Apple Lisa, was born under Steve’s hand!

It seems like all of his work mates do know that he is in a very bad health condition.
In his resignation letter, he had written this:
“I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come.”

Here is what I hope Steve will be able to read (although I know he will not read this anyway).

Steve, thanks for giving me and other people to have chance to download Darwin.
I am still keep it in my hard drive, as it is the only thing I have which is the closest to Macintosh.

Although Macintosh is expensive and I can’t afford to buy it, but you have proven to the world that BSD Unix is a very powerful OS. As a FreeBSD user, I do feel proud that Macintosh is part of the BSD family distro.

Although I don’t like your product’s fans a.k.a i-Tards, but I have to admit that I do like you, same as I like Linus Torvalds, Kevin Mitnick etc.

Anyway, may God bless you, and enjoy your remaining days. Hope that you can see the day iPhone 5 and iCloud launch to the market.

My Rant About Malaysian In Malaysia OSS Communities

Well, I believe some of you had already read these in the osdc.my mailing list.
Since I see I had spend some time and write until so long in the mailing list, so why not I also post it in my own blog too.
My blog already quite long don’t have any updates already anyway.
Here is my response in the “[osdcmy] Malaysian OSS Developer” thread in the osdc.my mailing list.

My first reply to the mailing list:
I believe they mean by the attitude and mindset of Malaysia OSS developers and the community.

As we can see now, majority of our developers and community people are fighting each others. Not united at all. Always argue about the difference and advantages of those OSS projects that they are supporting.

From the most recent case, we can see that lots of distro supporters are arguing with each others about how good is the distro they are supporting.
Even those Ubuntu derivatives distro supporters, are fighting with each others.
Hey, come on! You are all under the same family, what for wasting time and fight who is better?

What we actually need to do is to cooperate and make applications works on all distros that have common platform, such as making sure an apps, able works in all Debian and its derivatives, all Ubuntu and its derivatives as well as works in CentOS and its derivatives, Fedora and its derivatives, OpenSuse and its derivatives, FreeBSD and its derivatives etc.

We should now stop to fight about our difference and start work together for a common interest. Well, because of majority of the Malaysian like to fights about the difference, this also made Malaysia labeled as a racism country where all race are fighting about their differences. If we all want to move forward towards a better future, stop fighting about our differences. Work together for a common interest start from now on! Change our mindset!!!

Guess what? Because of a lot of people fighting about their derivatives distro, and argue with each others, this also made me decided to stop my DN-A (Debian Netbook-Angel) project. Because I don’t want to see there is another Linux distro derivative appear and sparking more arguments.
We have a lot of Linux distro already anyway, no point fork out something which have not much difference to cause more controversy…

There is a lot more I wanted to say actually, but lets see how you guys react to what I have written above 1st…

Xmas Themes For Gnome 2.x!

If you are using Linux/BSD, and you wanted to have a Christmas themes for your Gnome desktop, here are 2 themes you may download.

I found these 2 themes from http://gnome-look.org.

Ultimate Edition Xmas Theme

This theme pack will not set squat for you. You will have to set the theme etc.
Included in the deb:

1 GTK / Metacity theme
2 Emerald themes
1 Icon set
1 Wallpaper
1 GDM (Jaunty or less)
1 Cursor set
1 Compiz cube cap
1 XSplash (optional & separate package)

Should you decide to install the xsplash (Karmic+ users only) it will replace your current xsplash. If you are unhappy with the xsplash you can replace it by entering the following in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-xsplash-artwork

Download Files:
(Ultimate Edition Xmas Theme Pack)
(Xmas XSplash 2009 Karmic+ only)

Go to the next page for the other theme downloads.